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The LSG Project Car Goes Stage 3

At LSG Performance Centre we like to test all our products on our MK7 Golf R Project Vehicle. By doing so we understand the pro's and cons of each modification. We believe this gives us the the ability to offer the best recommendations to our customers.

We recently supplied and fitted all the Stage 3 hardware to the LSG Project Car. Once the hardware installation was complete, we went to see our friends at Awesome in Manchester to have its stage 3 software calibrated remotely with an Ecotune map.

The final figure surpassed our expectations! Making 506bhp / 453ftlb running 2.1bar peak and 1.9bar at the red line, the power delivery is extremely smooth and pulls hard to the red line.

Great service provided by everyone at Awesome with a full health check before hitting the Dyno for calibration and also given the opportunity to stay close to Simon (head tech) to see exactly what was happening and what adjustments are made.

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